Emblemata Moralia

Borja, Juan de, conde de Mayalde y de Ficallo, 1553- Emblemata Moralia (Berolini, sumptibus J. M. Rudigeri, 1697).

The Libraries have strong holdings in emblem books, a literary genre that flourished in the early modern period. These books include numerous engraved images rich in symbolism, each of which is accompanied by a motto and a poem that amplifies the encoded moral lesson. This example, a Latin translation of the original 1581 edition in Spanish, has a number of detached pages.

Proposed treatment: Disbind and wash pages to reduce acidity and brighten and strengthen paper. Sunlight bleach and line title page with Japanese tissue. Mend pages as necessary with paste and Japanese tissue. Resew on raised bands at original sewing stations and restore original binding.

Estimated cost of treatment: $2,425

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