Y4 - Committees of Congress

Table of Contents

Y4.Ad - Y4.Am Committee on Administrative Review - Special Committee to Study Problems of American Small Business
Y4.Ap Committee on Appropriations
Y4.Ar - Y4.At Committee on Armed Services - Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
Y4.B Special Committee to Investigate the Incorporation of the Baltic States into the U.S.S.R. - Joint Committee for the Arrangements for the Commermoration of the Bicentennial
Y4.C15 - Y4.C75 Special Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures - Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War
Y4.C76 Conference Committees - Special Committee on Official Conduct
Y4.C86 Select Committee to Investigate Alleged Credit Mobilier Bribery - Select Committee on Crime
Y4.D36 Joint Committee on Defense Production - Temporary Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction
Y4.D63 Committee on District of Columbia
Y4.Ec - Y4.Eq Joint Economic Committee - Select Committee on Equal Educational Opportunities
Y4.Ex Select Committee on the Investigation of Executive Agencies of the Government - Select Committee on Export Control
Y4.F Committee on Finance - Special Committee to Study Foreign Aid Program
Y4.G Committee on Government Operations
Y4.H Committee on Human Resources - Select Committee on Hunger
Y4.Im Committee on Immigration and Naturalization - Senate Impeachment Trial
Y4.In2 - Y.4.In8/1 Committee on Indian Affairs - Committee on Interoceanic Canal
Y4.In8/3 - Y4.In8/4 Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
Y4.In8/11 - Y4.In8/17 Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation - Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities
Y4.Ir - Y4.J Committee on Irrigation and Reclamation - Committee on Labor and Public Welfare
Y4.L Committee on Labor and Public Welfare - Joint Committee on the Library
Y4.M Congressional Mailing Standards Commission - Special Committee Investigating the Munitions Industry
Y4.N Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control - Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs
Y4.O Select Committee to Investigate Old Age Pension Plans - Ad Hoc Select Committee on Outer Continental Shelf
Y4.P Joint Committee Investigating the Pearl Harbor Attack - Committee on Public Lands
Y4.R Joint Committee on Reconstruction - Special Committee to Study the Reorganization of Courts of the United States and Reform of Judicial Procedure
Y4.S Temporary Select Committee to Study the Senate Committee System - Select Committee on Survivors Benefits
Y4.T Select Committee on the Investigation of the Tariff Commission - Select Committee on Transportation Routes to Seaboard
Y4.U Select Committee on Un-American Activities - Special Committee on Unemployment Problems
Y4.W Joint Committee on Metropolitan Washington Problems - Special Committee to Investigate the Production, Transportation and Marketing of Wool

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