Y3 - Commissions and Boards

Table of Contents

Y3.Ad - Y3.Am Advisory Committee on Fiscal Relations Study - American Revolution Bicentennial Administration
Y3.An - Y3.Au Anthracite Coal Strike Commission - Aviation Advisory Commission
Y3.B Battle of New Orleans Sesquicentennial Celebration Commission
Y3.C Central Statistical Board - Council of National Defense Advisory Commission
Y3.D Displaced Persons Committee
Y3.E National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity - Office of the Administrator of Export Control
Y3.F22 - Y3.F31 Farm Tenancy Special Committee - Federal Labor Relations Authority
Y3.F76 - Y3.F95 Foreign Economic Policy Commission - Fuel Administration
Y3.G Governments Security Commission - Great Plains Committee
Y3.H Permanent Committee for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise
Y3.I Immigration Commission - Inter-American Foundation
Y3.J Jamestown-Williamsburg-Yorktown Celebration Commission - Joint Publications Research Service
Y3.L Interagency Land Acquisition Conference - Lowell Historic Canal District Commission
Y3.M National Commission for Manpower Policy - Muscle Shoals Commission
Y3.N21 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics - National Commission on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws
Y3.N31 - Y3.N88 National Commissions on Neighborhoods - Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Y3.O Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (1947-1949) - Ozarks Regional Commission
Y3.P Panama Canal Commission - Public Land Law Review Commission
Y3.R Railroad Securities Commsission - Rural Development Program Committee
Y3.S Saint Augustine Quadricentennial Commission (1962) - National Commission on Supplies and Shorages
Y3.T Tariff Commission (1882) - East-West Foreign Trade Board (1975-1981)
Y3.U National Commissionon Unemployment Compensation (1976-1980)
Y3.V Venezulean Boundary Commission (1897)
Y3.W War Industries Board (1918) - War Claims Commission (1948-1954)

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