W - Department of War

W1 Department of War
W2-W3 General Staff Corps - Adjutant General's Department
W6 Bureau of Insular Affairs
W7 Engineer Department
W8-W12 Geographical Surveys West of 100th Meridian - Military Academy
W25-W26 Department of Cuba - War Plans Division
W31-W37 Mississippi River Commission - Provost Marshal General
W42-W45 Signal Office - War Records Office
W46-W49 Gettysburg National Military Park Commission - Philippine Island
W51-W55 Pacific Division - Army War College
W63-W68 Shiloh National Military Park Commissions - Interanational Waterways Commission
W70-W79 National Guard Bureau - Canal Zone
W91-W110 Chemical Corps - Historical Division
WT War Trade Board


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