Department of Health, Education and Welfare

Table of Contents

FS1.1 - FS1.7 Annual Reports - Addresses
FS1.10 - FS1.19 Training Method - Health, Education and Welfare Trends
FS1.20 - FS1.35 Health, Education and Welfare Indicators - Annual Report of the Secretary
FS2.1 - FS2.2 Public Health Service
FS2.3 - FS2.9 Public Health Bulletins - Venereal Disease Information
FS2.10 - FS2.21 Supplements to Venereal Disease Information Bulletins - National Institutes of Health Scientific Directory, and Annual Bibliography
FS2.22 National Institutes of Health
FS2.23 - FS2.35 Public Health Service (Continued)
FS2.42 - FS2.59 Reported Tuberculosis Data - Patients in Mental Institutions
FS2.60 - FS2.64 Communicable Disease Center Publications - Water Pollution Control Research
FS2.71 - FS2.77 Industrial Wate Guide Series - Directory of State and Territorial Health Authorities
FS2.80 - FS2.89 Public Health Personnel in Local Health Units, 1946 - Medical Internship in the U. S. Public Health Service Hospitals
FS2.90 - FS2.99 Radiological Health Data, Monthly Report - Health Economics Series
FS2.101 - FS2.121 National Office of Vital Statistics
FS2.201 - FS2.212 National Library of Medicine
FS2.300 - FS2.321 Public Health Service
FS3.1 - FS3.9 Social Security Administration
FS3.10 - FS3.38 Addresses - Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS3.40 - FS3.54 Handbook of Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Statistics - Social Security Survey of the Disabled, Reports
FS3.108 - FS3.225 Bureau of Employment Security - Children's Bureau
FS3.301 - FS4.2 Bureau of Federal Credit Unions - Civilian Conservation Corps
FS5.1 - FS5.4 Office of Education
FS5.5 - FS5.29 Laws - Victory Corps Series Pamphlets
FS5.30 - FS5.122 Bulletins - General Publications
FS5.123 - FS5.131 Vocational Division
FS5.210 - FS5.216 Office of Education
FS5.220 - FS5.229 Elementary and Secondary Education - Miscellaneous Publications: Mathematics, Science
FS5.230 - FS5.238 Miscellaneous Publications: Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Speaking - Miscellaneous Publications: Equal Education Opportunities
FS5.250 - FS5.258 New Dimensions in Higher Education - Miscellaneous Publications: Teacher Education
FS5.280 - FS5.287 Vocational Education: Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous Publications: Manpower Development and Training
FS6 - FS13 National Youth Administration
FS14.2 - FS14.17 General Publications - Studies in Delinquency
FS14.102 - FS14.120 General Publications - Statistical Series
FS14.202 - FS14.217 General Publications - Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FS15 Administration on Aging
FS16 Federal Water Pollution Control Administration (1965-1966)
FS17.2 - FS17.15 Social and Rehabilitation Service
FS17.102 - FS17.214 Rehabilitation Services Administration - Children's Bureau
FS17.302 - FS17.411 Administration on Aging - Assistance Payments Administration
FS17.502 - FS17.638 Medical Services Administration

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