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IG-Industrial Group (UKAEA)  2(D)  to   212(O/W)     [19-P-9]
IGD-Industrial Group (UKAEA)  R-1    [19-P-9]
IGE-Industrial Group (UKAEA)  R-3 and R-7     [19-P-9]
IGO-Industrial Group (UKAEA)  AM/CA-110  to TM/S-022    [19-P-9]
IGR-Industrial Group (UKAEA)  R/C-190  to   TN/W-1046      [19-P-9]
IGRL-Industrial Group (UKAEA)  IB/CA-23  to   T/W-98        [19-P-9]
IGS-Industrial Group (UKAEA)  R/R2 and R/R3     [19-P-9]
IGT-Industrial Group (UKAEA)  R-20      [19-P-9]
IITRI-IIT Research Institute  528-19  to   1194-13      [19-P-9]
IMR-Institute of Marine Resources  TR-922-62-B     [19-Q-4]
INP-Institute of Nuclear Physics, Cracow  219  to   584/PL     [19-Q-4]
INR-Institute of Nuclear Research, Warsaw  441  to   880         [19-Q-4]
INTERNUC-Internuc Co. Inc.  47     [19-Q-5]
IS-Ames Lab , Iowa State University  1  to   1611     [19-Q-5]
ISC-Iowa State College  33  to   1176     [19-Q-6]
ITR-Civil Effects Test Group  1193  to   1714     [19-Q-7]

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 1993-99 Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA