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Congressional Papers and Publications

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The American Archives, compiled by Peter Force, were designed to document the early history of the United States from the colonial setlements to the ratification of the Constitution, covering the years 1688-1787. But in the forty years Force was collecting material, only nine volumes were published, and these focused only on the years 1774-1776.

The American State Papers, consisting of thirty-eight physical volumes, contain the legislative and executive documents of Congress during the period 1789 to 1838. They provide information concerning the Congressional Record not available in the Serial Set. These volumes were compiled between 1831 and 1861.

The Annals of Congress, formally known as The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States, cover the 1st Congress through the first session of the 18th Congress, from 1789 to 1824. After which time, The Annals became known as The Register of Debates, which records the debates of Congress from the 18th Congress, 2nd Session through the 25th Congress, 1st Session (1824-37). Following The Register is The Congressional Globe, or The Globe, which contains the congressional debates of the 23rd through 42nd Congresses (1833-73). Continuing the Globe is The Congressional Record, which began publication in 1873. The West Campus Library Collection includes certain volumes from these series.

Inventorying and cataloging these series and related texts at the West Campus Library is an ongoing project. As the information is gathered, this web site will be updated.

This initial listing of the volumes represented in the West Campus collection is intended to answer the question of whether a trip to West Campus for a particular volume might be worthwhile. The West Campus staff welcomes queries by e-mail or telephone (935-9889) when searching for a particular title. For assistance in selecting a title, or utilizing the reference sources for U.S. Congressional Serial Set, work with the Help Desk on Level 1 of Olin Library.

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