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West Campus Conference Center Reservation Request

Before making a reservation, please review all Conference Center Policies and Procedures.
Please fill in all relevant information. If you have questions, please send us email.

Please note, beginning Januray 1st, 2014, the Conference Center will only be available only for Washington University events.

Date of the event:

Enter Time: AM PM

Exit Time: AM PM

Brief description of the event:

Which rooms will you need:

A/B (capacity 150 with chairs, 60 with tables)
C (capacity 50 with chairs, 30 with tables)

Which set up do you prefer:

Theatre (chairs only)
Classroom (tables and chairs)

Who will be attending the event:

Students Staff
Faculty Other

How many people are expected to attend:

What equipment will you need:

DVD Computer Projection
Network Phoneline Microphone

Will you be serving any food?:


If yes, you must arrange to have the room(s) cleaned afterward. There will be a fee charged to your group. To arrange cleaning services, please contact WFF Facility Services at 314 935-8477, or wff@fpm.wustl.edu.

Caterer you have hired, if any:

Sponsoring organization:

Contact person:

E-mail address: Campus box:
(If you do not have e-mail or a campus box, please leave the fields blank)

Address (if you have no campus box):

Telephone number:

Fax number:

Washington University online billing account number:


(1) The cost for room rental is $25 for members of the Washington University community and $100 for non-campus organizations. Costs are per event per day. Payment is made to Washington University Libraries.
(2) If alcohol is served, then the Washington University Alcohol Policy must be followed. Consult "General Policies and Procedures for Scheduling Events" for more information on the University's alcohol policy.
(3) The sponsoring group is liable for any damage to University property during the event.
(4) Use of any University facilities for political activities must meet with University guidelines for approval.

Please note:

This form is a request; confirmation will be sent upon approval.

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