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Cover to first album, IT AINT EASY BEING GREEN Cover to second album, PHOTOSYNTHESIS Cover to third album, OUT ON A LIMB

Album covers: It Ain't Easy Being Green, Photosynthesis, and Out on a Limb. The album Photosynthesis contains Love of the Common People, voted Best Female Collegiate A Cappella Song by the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America.

Thumbnail - Greenleafs and Pikers performing BOHEMIAN
RHAPSODYGreenleafs and Pikers performing Bohemian Rhapsody at Jammin' Toast 1992.

Greenleafs in performance at JAMMIN' TOAST 1992Greenleafs in performance at Jammin' Toast, 1992

Program cover from Green Eggs and Jam 91
November 15-16, 1991. Guests: Pikers, Mosaic Whispers, Tufts University Beelzebubs, Cornell University Touch Tones. (JPEG 635x410, 202K)
Program cover from Green Eggs and Jam 92
November 20-21, 1992. Guests: Pikers, Mosaic Whispers, Macalester College Traditions, University of Kansas Random Order, University of Illinois Xtension Chords. (JPEG, 397x619, 156K)
Program cover from Green Eggs and Jam 93
November 19-20, 1993. Guests: Pikers, Mosaic Whispers, University of Maryland Generics, Kenyon College Kokosingers. (JPEG, 403x612, 157K)
Program cover from Green Eggs and Jam 94 - "Absolut A Cappella"
Guests: Pikers, Mosaic Whispers, Chicago Lake Shore Jive, Duke University Pitchforks. (JPEG 391x606, 118K)
The bottle reads:
"This superb a cappella concert was distilled from pure, unadulterated talent, nurtured within the ivy-covered walls of Washington University in St. Louis. This performance of song without instrument is a glorious tradition now entering its 5th year, having been sold under the name Green Eggs & Jam since November of 1990."

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