Curtain Call

I would like to thank the following individuals for their help and support in the production of Curtain Time

Shirley K. Baker, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Dean of University Libraries, and Kevin Ray, Head of Special Collections; for financial support of both the exhibit and the exhibit catalog.

Create Studio, Washington University School of Art. The printed catalog and the exhibit poster were designed by Gina Lewis, a senior in the School of Art and member of the Create Studio. Mark Batemanand and George Schwenk, also from the Create Studio, provided Web-compatible versions of several images used in the exhibit. To Gina, Mark, George, and to their faculty advisor, Laurie Eisenbach-Bush, my thanks for a job well done. Curtain Time is the first Special Collections exhibit catalog produced in collaboration with the Create Studio; we look forward to many more.

Maurice Jones provided the audio-visual equipment used in the exhibit.

The images for the Web exhibit would not have been possible without the scanning equipment located in the Olin Library Reference Department. Special thanks to the reference staff for their patience while I was spending all those evenings at the scanner.

Anne Posega, Special Collections Assistant, for her work on the Web version of the exhibit.

Michael Rutz, Tracy Roberts, and Erin Wagner, University Archives student assistants, who spent many afternoons poring over back issues of University publications in search of stories about student performing arts. Their research was a vital part of the exhibit and the exhibit catalog.

Curtain Time is dedicated to the memory of Holly Hall. I hope she sees it. And smiles.

Carole Prietto, University Archivist
March, 1997

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This online exhibit "Curtain Time" was created in 1997, and is hosted by University Archives,
Department of Special Collections, Washington University Libraries. Please contact us with any questions.

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