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Gaylord Music Library

Special Collections: George C. Krick


Biographical Sketch

George C. Krick, 1872-April 2, 1962, concert guitarist and teacher of classical guitar. He was born in Germany and came to St. Louis at the age of 16 where he studied with William Foden. Later, he joined Foden on the New York concert stage as well as concertized independantly and directed the George C. Krick Music Studios in Germantown, Philadelphia before he returned here at age 70. After his death the 21 volumes of solo guitar music that he had had bound were given to this university by his family in 1963. They include works by Albeniz, Coste, Foden, Giuliani, Legnani, Mertz, Regondi, Sors, Tarrega, Terzi and Zani de Ferranti. The collection was indexed in 1974 by Alan Rosenkoetter, Guitar Instructor in the Music Department.

Finding list of the George C. Krick Archive

(prepared 6/6/96)

Box 1 : Series I - VI
Box 2 : Series VII - IX
Box 3 : Series X - XI

Series I: Photographs
  1. (Envelope)
    • 8x10 photo of Krick with students, Ida Presti, and Alexandre Lagoya
    • Poster with pictures of William Foden, Guiseppe Pettine, and Frederick Bacon for the April 25th, 1911 Grand Festival Concert
    • Picture of Krick and many others, possibly from his surprise 90th birthday party
Series II: Articles
  1. (Folder)
    • Obituaries
    • Articles about Krick
    • Articles about W. Foden, one written by Krick entitled "Reminiscences of William Foden"
Series III: Index
  1. (Folder) "Index to the George C. Krick collection of Guitar Music" - compiled by Alan Rosenkoetter Jan - May 1974
Series IV: Notes
  1. (Folder)
    • Notes on histories of guitarists
    • Guitarist and their compositions
Series V: Programs
  1. (Envelope) Andreas Segovia program held at Graham Chapel March 11, 1960
Series VI: Uncataloged Material (not bound or microfilmed as of April 1980)
  1. (Folder) Index to the George C. Krick Uncataloged Materials
Series VII: Mandolin Music
  1. (Envelope) Solo, Duo and Trio
  2. (Envelope) Mandolin and Piano, Mandolin Methods
Series VIII: Method Music
  1. (Folder) Guitar Method Music
Series IX: Photocopied Music
  1. (Folder) Miscellaneous photocopied music
Series X: Manuscripts and Manuscript Transcriptions
  1. Liebesfreud: Alt Wiener Tanzweiss / Fritz Kreisler ; transcription for guitar by George C. Krick. (in Krick's hand) 3 p.
  2. Serenade / G. Pierne ; arr. by Thos. H. Sims (Jan. 15, 1933) (unknown hand) 2 p.
  3. El Sueno de las Flores (Schottische) by J. Rosas [for guitar and 2 mandolins] (in Krick's hand) 7 p.
  4. Tambourin / by F. J. Gossec ; transciption for guitar by George C. Krick. (in Krick's hand) 3 p.
  5. La Golondrina / N. Serradell ; arr. George C. Krick. (in Krick's hand) 1 p.
  6. Grand Caprice ou Etude pour la guitare / compose par L. Legnani (unknown hand) 11 p.
  7. Eight Etudes / von F. Franz (in Krick's hand) 10 p.
  8. Esercizio per la chitarra : contenente 24 pezzi della maggiore difficolta, op. 48 / composti da Mauro Giuliani. (unknown hand) 24 p.
  9. Moment Musical, op. 94, no. 3 / Franz Schubert (in Krick's hand) 5 p.
  10. Grand Conzert pour la guitarre / Giuliani (string quartet and guitar; parts)
  11. Grand Sonata in G/ William Foden 12 p. (photocopy)
Series XI: Published Music owned by Krick
  1. (Folder) Miscellaneous Solo Guitar Music
  2. (Folder) Miscellaneous Guitar and other instrumental music
  3. (Folder) Duplicate Guitar Music
  4. (Folder) Miscellaneous Music for Violin, Piano, etc..

An Index to the George C. Krick Collection of Guitar Music

Compiled by
Alan Rosenkoetter
January-May, 1974