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Finding State Geological Survey Documents

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State documents in the EPSc Library are shelved in order by Library of Congress call number; the call number for all state documents begins with QE2 and contains a series of additional codes which are explained below.

Here is an example of a state document:

Caves of New Jersey

And here is its call number:

QE2 N5.G2:70

What does this number mean?
QE2simply indicates that this is a state document.
N5indicates the first letter and alphabetical ranking of the state of issue, in this case New Jersey.
G2indicates the specific type of document, in this case a bulletin of the New Jersey Geological Survey. Note: a listing of these document-types is available for each state; please consult the librarian.
70simply indicates the number of the specific document. In this case the document is New Jersey Geological Survey Bulletin 70.

How do I find this document on the shelf?

State documents are first arranged by state code, in alphabetical and then numerical order.

QE2 I2.G9S: 1
is shelved before
QE2 N5.G2: 70

State documents from a given state are then arranged according to the document-type code, in alphabetical and then numerical order.

QE2 N5.G2: 70
is shelved before
QE2 N5.G4: 3

State documents of a given type are then arranged in order according to document number.

QE2 N5.G4: 43
is shelved before
QE2 N5.G4: 70