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Database Guides

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Datastream (PDF 265kb)

Bloomberg Security Analysis

Bloomberg Government Agency Bonds

Bloomberg about the Course

Bloomberg Municipal Treasury

Bloomberg Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Bloomberg Fixed Income Corporates

Bloomberg Capital Markets Overview of Fixed Income

Bloomberg Equity Trader

Bloomberg Technical Analysis

Bloomberg Portfolio Equity


Morningstar Quick start Guide

Morningstar Direct Report Book

SDC Platinum (PDF 92kb)

SDC VentureXpert Handbook

SDC Platinum VentureXpert FAQs

Class related guides

Classroom Connections.
This is the blog we use to communicate changes in library resources used in class projects.
Check it for short cuts and hints for finding resources fast.

Country Notebook Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis (PDF 318b)

Country Notebook Economic Analysis Resource Grid (PDF 304b)

Economics of Sports (Economics3171) (PDF165b)

EMBA Project China Business and Economic Resources (PDF 218b)

Research Overview for MBAs (PDF 137b)

Research Overview for EMBAs (PDF 136b)

Marketing B53 Sports Management (PDF 166b)

Marketing 480 Database Resources for Cadillac Project (PDF 127b)

Marketing (Tackling Your Situation Analysis Research) (PDF 252b)

Mergers and Acquistions Sources of Information (PDF 217kb)

Biomedical Engineering 201(PDF 157kb)

Promotion Plans (PDF 205kb)

International Marketing Resources (PDF 184kb)

Resources for Financial/Economic/Pricing Data (PDF 178b)

Integrated Marketing Communications (PDF 86kb)


General Guides

Guide to Business School Rankings

Key Sources of Industry Information (PDF 265kb)

Finding Company Information (PDF 211kb)

Finding Library Resources for Financial Accounting (PDF 372kb)

International Finance Resources (PDF 85kb)

Research a Company in 15 Minutes (PDF 694 kb)

Using SIC and NAICS Codes to Locate Companies (PDF 218kb)