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Research Help: Find Journal Articles

Journal article search process:

1.  Select a relevant journal database using any of the following methods.

a.  Search the Find it! Find Database list.

b.  See the appropriate Research Guides page for suggested indexes.

c.  Ask for suggestions at the Olin Library Reference Desk or from your subject librarian.

2.  Search the selected journal index.  If you need assistance in using a particular journal index, ask for help at the Olin Library Reference Desk or from your subject librarian.

3.  Retrieve (print or note) relevant citations from the journal index.

4.  Obtain copies of the articles cited in the journal index.

a.  If the database itself provides unrestricted access to the full text of the article, then print from there.  (Academic Search Complete is one example.)

b. If the database does not provide full text, click the "Get it!" button and follow the links.  If "Get it!" does not turn up a full-text source for your article, you will be given options for searching the library's print holdings or requesting the article through the library's interlibrary loan service, ILLiad.

c.  If neither of the access methods above allow you to obtain a copy of the article, then the following methods may be used:

(1)  Make an interlibrary loan request using the ILLiad interlibrary loan request form.

(2)  Find the journal listed in another library catalog and go to that library.

(a)  MOBIUS Union Catalog:  The catalogs of many academic libraries in Missouri, including the University of Missouri-St. Louis and St. Louis University, are included in MOBIUS.

(b)  Becker Medical Library Catalog:  Washington University's Medical School library catalog is not included in the Danforth Campus library catalog.  So if you have a journal that is relate to medicine, check their catalog.

(c)  Individual library catalogs:  Many local and regional libraries' catalogs, such as the St. Louis Public Library and the St. Louis County Library are available on the web.  See Local Libraries or Additional Library Catalogs for more choices.


Find print journal articles in the WU Danforth Campus libraries:

1.  Begin a library catalog session from the library web site or use one of the catalog-only computers in the library.

2.  Select the Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Titles search option.

3.  Type the journal title (not the article title) in the search box.  If you have only a journal abbreviation, check Periodical Title Abbreviations or Abbreviations.com to determine the correct journal title.

4.  Your journal title search may result in a variety of displays.

a.  If there is an exact match to the title you entered, one record will be displayed.

b.  If there is a list of titles displayed, look for an exact match with your title and display that record.  (Note:  one-word titles, such as Poetry or Sociology, may be alphabetized with their place of publication and could be a little more difficult to find on the list.)

c.  If a title has an online version listed, click on the URL displayed to connect to it.  (Journal of Economic History is one example).  Note:  this only works on computers that are connected to the Internet.  It will not work on the libraries' catalog-only computers.

5.  Once you have an individual record displayed, summary holdings information will appear in the box just below the journal title.  This summary display will list the call number, location, and the volumes and years that the library owns.  Exceptions, such as "Current issues in Reserve," will also be noted.  In many cases, the latest issue received will be noted.  Any alternate locations, such as "Olin Level A Micro (Per)," or "Bus Periodicals," will be displayed in individual boxes.  (Below the box with summary holdings appears a detailed list of volumes with location, call number, and status.)

6.  Match up your journal citation information, i.e., the year and volume number of the journal in which your article appears, with the journal holdings information to determine the location in the library.

a.  Latest Received:  Click on this link in the catalog to list all the current issues.  Current issues are usually shelved separately from bound volumes.  In Olin Library, they are shelved in the Level 1 current periodicals area.  For the location of current periodicals in other campus libraries, check with the individual libraries.

b.  LIB. HAS:  this usually means bound volumes.  In Olin Library, they are shelved by their call numbers.  The floor on which they are located should appear in the location box.  If not, then check the "Olin Library Collections Location Guide" to determine the location in the library.  If a bound volume is in a campus library other than Olin, check with that library for the shelving location.

c.  Olin Level A Micro (Per):  these are shelved in the microform area on Level A of Olin Library.

7.  If you run into any problems that you cannot resolve, ask for assistance at the Olin Library Reference Desk or from your subject librarian.

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