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Whispers Café Exhibit Cube

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Whispers Café

Whispers Café is at the heart of the campus where paths from all directions meet. Open 24/7 during the fall/spring school semester, it features convenience and comfort. The Café offers a place for meeting friends, for enjoying a snack while cyber surfing, or for studying into the night. Foodservice and vending service provide coffees, soft drinks, and snacks: and a campus police substation across the hall provides security.

Whispers' Cube

The Whispers' Cube, located in the Whispers' Café, is a huge 4-sided structure with eight 23x23x23 cubed spaces to mount exhibits. Although located in a public area, the plexiglass cubicles are relatively difficult to open. Each cube is secured with very unique screws.

Criteria for Exhibits

Exhibits should satisfy the following criteria:

  • Relate to the mission of the library and/or the university,
  • Be aesthetically pleasing,
  • Display material relevant to the theme of the exhibit,
  • Promote the collections, services, and functions of the library.
  • Should not commercialize or editorialize personal or partisan opinions or viewpoints, but should inform and educate the public