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About CrossRef Search

Connect to Database [at IOP]
Connect to Database [at IEEE]
Connect to Database [at Synergy]
Connect to Database [at Wiley]
All links search all publishers; most participating publishers will have a link.
Search scholar.google.com (CrossRef is a part of this resource)
Subject Interdisciplinary; a Google search that "filters the result set to the scholarly research content from participating publishers, with the intent of reducing the noise produced by general web searches."
Sources Journal article citations from 29 publishers who are participating in the Pilot with links to fulltext when available on the web; full articles will be available from subscribed journals only.
Dates Covered Varies for each publisher and journal.
Help Documents Google search tips
More information about CrossRef Search
Print Counterpart (backfiles) None.
Provider Google and 29 (of approx. 650) CrossRef participating publishers.
Access On the web; full-text may be limited to current WU students, faculty, and staff. Access to restricted resources from outside the WU campuses.
Need assistance with this database?
Contact the Olin Library Help Desk, at 935-5410, or your Subject Librarian.