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National Council


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The Libraries' National Council is an advisory board whose membership consists of alumni, business professionals, educators,
cultural leaders, and librarians from peer institutions. The Council meets semi-annually with the Libraries to discuss library
initiatives and projects.


Jack E. Thomas, Jr. Chair
Jack E. Thomas, Jr.

Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer, Coin Acceptors, Inc.
Mary Ann Mavrinac Mary Ann Mavrinac
Vice Provost & Dean,
River Campus Libraries,
University of Rochester

Louis Atkin Louis Atkin
Genesee Scrap
Susan J. Miller Susan J. Miller, LA 1976
Community Volunteer and Attorney
Anne Bader Anne Bader, TI 1992
Retired IT Professional,
Adjunct Faculty, Webster University
Jeffrey S. Missman Jeffrey S. Missman, GB 1968
Retired Vice President,
Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
N. Bernard Basch N. Bernard Basch, BU 1956, GB 1962
President, Basch Subscriptions, Inc.
and Prenax, U.S.
Kathy Missman Kathy Missman
Retired Economist,
Butler Manufacturing Co.
Randall Bean Randall Bean, LA 1978
Managing Partner,
NewVantage Partners
James R. Moog James R. Moog
Community Volunteer
Charles R. Brown Charles R. Brown, GR 1978
Retired Educator
Sunny Pervil Sunny Pervil, GR 1974, GR 1989
Professor Emeritus,
Maryville University
Shirley Brown Shirley Brown, GR 1981
Educational Consultant,
St. Louis Public Schools
Michael Roffer Michael Roffer
Associate Librarian & Professor,
New York Law School
Ann D. Desloge Ann D. Desloge
Community Volunteer
John Schaperkotter

John Schaperkotter
Partner, Bryan Cave, LLP

Julian I. Edison Julian I. Edison
Retired Chairman of the Board,
Edison Brothers Stores, Inc.
James Schiele James Schiele, LA 1951, GR 1985, GR 2011
Former Owner,
St. Louis Screw & Bolt
James Goldschmidt James Goldschmidt, LA 1973
Senior Systems Developer,
Corey Shapiro

Corey M. Shapiro, LA 1996
Senior Managing Associate, Dentons

David M. Grossman David M. Grossman, GR 1968, GR 1973
Retired University Administrator
Laura Epstein Shindler Laura Epstein Shindler, LA 1968
Financial Consultant
Nancy S. Kranzberg Nancy S. Kranzberg, LA 1966
Community Volunteer
Stuart Symington Stuart Symington, Jr.
Retired Attorney
Don G. Lents Don G. Lents
Chairman, Bryan Cave, LLP
James F. Williams, II James F. Williams, II
Dean of Libraries,
University of Colorado
Susan Lerner Susan Lerner, LA 1980
Executive Director, Jamesbeck Global Partners
Todd Zubler Todd Zubler, LA 1992
Attorney and Partner
Steven L. Lopata Steven L. Lopata